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Building Solutions

374 Milverton Blvd. Garage

Bonikar constructed the garage from scratch.

374 Milverton Blvd. Basement
The project included underpinning below the foundation by 16 inches. The basement was insulated throughout, including the floor. Two means of sound-barrier were employed between basement and first floor. Heated floor was implemented in the bathroom.

Fresh Paint Studio and Cafe, 1849 Danforth Ave.

Bonikar was involved in this turn-key project from demo to final product. This is an operating business.  You are encouraged to visit the facility.

29 Rosevear Ave. Basement

Full renovation with sound-barrier between floor and rough-in for kitchen. Complete waterproofing from the outside.  Client was consulted by Bonikar to come up with best possible plan.

Other Projects

Landscaping and Waterproofing