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Why choose Bonikar?

Hamid Kashi, Left - Consultant Engineer and President, Iran Chapter. Overseeing Tunnel Blast Schedule - Iran 2003

We are a third generation contracting business. What started as a simple finish carpentry business was flourished into Banikar, established in 1989. Banikar, an infra-structure contracting firm, focused on building sanitary systems and roads and highways. There simply was no obstacle that Banikar did not over-come, it operated with great workmanship and uncompromising ethics.

The Canadian chapter of Bonikar, with a slight variation in spelling, has switched focus to building structures. We have taken the years of contracting experience to help shape the new business. Through our time as a company we have learnt that in order to strive as a business we need to perform at the highest level of standards. We hold true to our core of uncompromising ethics, where regardless of the magnitude of the work, we treat each project with the utmost seriousness and deliver the best possible results.



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